Rhapsody in Blue Competes at Burbank High School

Rhapsody in Blue competed at Burbank High School on Saturday, March 3.

Rhapsody performed against five other choirs, including the Tartan Silhouettes from Glendora High School and Encore from Carlsbad High School, and did not place. Judges evaluated and critiqued each performance on musicianship and showmanship.

“I was definitely proud of the growth and overall improvement our choir has shown. The groups at Burbank High School were choirs that have more experience than us, but I believe we still gave a great performance and left everything on the stage,” senior Alisal Perez said. “It was overall a lot of fun and a great experience to help prepare us for our last competition.”

The choir’s program follows an overarching style of Hollywood and included the songs “Live in Living Color” from the musical “Catch Me If You Can”, “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper and “Someone in the Crowd” from the film La La Land.

“I think a lot of [the songs we perform] are really energetic, and the choreography we do just matches the meaning of the song,” sophomore Pauline Crelencia said. “And they have good messages to them. [For example], ‘True Colors’ provides a really good message to those who feel as if they’re outcasts in the world.”

In preparation for competition season, Rhapsody attended rehearsal every Thursday after school for two to three hours to hone their program, focusing on refining facial expressions by looking into mirrors and improving tone quality by practicing breathing exercises.

“We get to run the show multiple times [during rehearsals], and you gain from the constant repetition,” junior Sarah Bai said. “I feel like our mindset has improved throughout the competitions. We know that no matter what the end result is, as long as you try, that’s what counts.”

By Sarah Aie, Longform Editor
Photo by Ashley Liang