Rhapsody in Blue competes at Katella High School

Rhapsody in Blue show choir placed second by one point in the King of Champions competition at Katella High School Saturday, March 23.

The competition encompassed several schools, including Brea Olinda High School and Diamond Bar High School. Choir placed second overall, scoring one point higher than Diamond Bar’s Solitaire show choir.

“Us getting second place was simply the cherry on top. We got second place by one point, so it made us realize how much every single little point matters,” first soprano junior Aleona Quintua said. “It was the most satisfying and exciting placement in a competition we have ever gotten this year because we have just improved so much from our last competition.”

The choir’s program follows the same set as their performance in the Prelude to Spring concert: “A Brand New Day” by The Wiz, “Come Alive” from “The Greatest Showman,” “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, “Stand in the Light” by Jordan Smith and “Gold Forever” by The Wanted.

“I feel that the songs we performed were a good fit for our group’s overall dynamic. They allow us to express our joy and happiness that we aren’t always able to express,” prop manager and  librarian junior Brianna Mbuthi said.

A panel of four judges evaluated the performances based on vocals, showmanship, diction, tone quality, choreography, cleanliness, energy, volume and the overall aesthetics of the show. The separate category scores were then compiled into one final score of 485.

“We were so happy and proud of ourselves. I think everyone walked off stage feeling amazing about our performance, and that’s all I could ever ask for, honestly,” Quintua said. “The feeling was indescribable. One of the girls even cried.”

In preparation for competition season, Rhapsody in Blue practiced after school on Thursdays and every day in class since January. This competition is the last of the only two official competitions that Rhapsody attends this year. Its next performance will be the Spring Pops concert in May.

“We get to show other schools that this is what we can do,” second soprano senior Sarah Mae Dela Cruz said. “Now, we’re going to apply whatever we learned in the competition [to Spring Pops]. I think this is our best concert. We’re going to show what we learned over the year and how much we improved.”

By Haixin Guo, Staff writer
Photo by Jessie Dixon