Rhapsody performs at first festival

Rhapsody in Blue performed at their first festival of the year Tuesday, Oct. 25 at Vanguard University.

Rhapsody began individual, sectional and class rehearsals in the beginning of the school year to prepare for their first festival.

“I feel like our hard work has paid off. In the beginning of the year, we would spend a lot of time learning just a small section of music,” junior Angela Yang said. “Now, as we’ve learned some of the harder classical music, our Christmas music and our show music have been easier to learn and rehearse. I felt excited for the performance because we got to see other groups of a variety of levels and learn different techniques from them.”

They performed their new classical songs “Il est Bel et Bon,” “Confitemini Domino” and “Velo Que Bonito.”

“Learning the classical music has been tough because the pieces are pretty musically challenging. To help each other with music, many choir members have shared helpful tips for learning music and pointed out errors made during class rehearsals,” sophomore Anita Xu said. “Knowing that the whole choir is working hard and has my back really pushes me to work hard as well.”

Rhapsody singers were given the opportunity to watch other choirs to learn from the other students.

“The festival was a great learning experience for us because we were not only be able to showcase our hard work, but also saw what other choir programs are doing,” Xu said. “We listened for tone quality and blend of voices and watched for facial expressions of other choirs. Ultimately these things will help us bc we can apply it to our own performances.”

During the festival, a professional clinician commented on Rhapsody’s weak spots while they sang. He worked with them to improve their dynamics and mouth shape for vowel pronunciation to help mature their overall sound as a choir.

“We did a lot better than we usually do during practices because we were pretty confident,” senior Brittany Mark said. “We plan to work on our tempos for different songs and sing the parts mixed to make each part stronger so that we can improve our performance for the next festival.”

By Irene Zhou, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Lisa Lopez