Rhapsody Performs at First Show Choir Competition

Rhapsody in Blue performed at the Show Choir Festival at Temecula Valley High School on Saturday, Feb. 20.

The performance showcased songs including “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” “Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now,” “Try,” “The Climb,” “Applause” and “People Like Us.”

“I think it’s a good blend of songs [that] all individually have their own way of showing confidence. [The songs say] ‘don’t tell me what to do. It’s my show [and] it’s up to me to decide. It’s okay that you don’t fit in, you’re beautiful the way you are [and] be confident in yourself,” officer junior Michelle Park said. There’s always going to be obstacles in your life, but you’ll get through [them] because you’re strong and independent.’”

Rhapsody has been preparing for the event every Thursday since November. The choir has been learning both the songs and choreography alongside the choreographer, band and vocal clinicians.

“We ran through our 17-minute show as many times [as] we [could] while trying to channel our character and energy every single time,” president senior Erika Joy Reate said. “We take time to really learn a song. [We learn] not only [the] notes and dance moves but the meaning behind each song. We take that message and practice facials [and] attitude [to] help express [it].”

The performers used facial expressions and sharp movements to express the meaning of confidence to the audience, by maintaining broad smiles, raised eyebrows and straight backs.

“Expressions are very important in show choir,” Park said. “This also means that we needed to show off that confident vibe throughout our set. We want to inspire other girls or guys to be confident and independent and not think about how others view them, just be themselves.”

The main focus of the performance was confidence because of its relatability and relevance in modern society. Both the performers and audience were able to feel a connection to the theme and understand its message of staying true to oneself.

“Personally, the theme [was] very easy for me to relate [to] because I care a lot about what people think of me and often am not confident,” sophomore Angela Yang said. “I feel that our theme is very applicable to everyone. We [were] trying to convey that even though society expects something from us, we should just be ourselves and keep pushing through life. [Do] not let anyone else define you.”

By Melissa Kim, Staff Writer

Photo by Casey Lee