“Shrek” brings happiness

Students performed “Shrek: The Musical” 7 p.m. March 3-5 and will perform March 11-12 at the Performing Arts Center.

This year’s spring musical is based on the well-known movie “Shrek,” but featured a large ensemble and singing in between scenes, which is different from what the original movie has to offer. The musical featured songs such as “Big Bright Beautiful World,” “Freak Flag,” “What’s Up, Duloc?,” “Who I’d Be” and “I Know It’s Today.” Each song was used as a way to express character development, which helps provide the audience with a more indepth background story to all the main characters.

“I really loved the songs. Some are just plain fun numbers that are entertaining and fun to watch and perform,” junior Sofia Gutierrez, who plays the shoemaker’s elf, a duloc performer, one of the three blind mice and a villager said. “I think it’s really great to have a show based on a really well known movie. The audience is comfortable and they wanna see like how Shrek is made into a musical. It really helps bring in a crowd with that interest.”

Separate from previous years, this spring musical did not revolve around human characters, opening the play to a more fantasy-driven experience.

“Every fairytale creature is different, and we aren’t expected to act the same because everyone is different and quirky in their own way,” sophomore Anna Ko, who plays one of the Dragon singers, Mary Poppins and a Duloc Dancer, said. “It’s different than the musicals we’ve done before because everything is so extravagant and there are no limits to your character. As a fairytale creature, we are free to express our artistic vision on our face and through our costumes and dance moves.”

This year, new drama teacher Matthew Migliorini also worked in collaboration with other teachers to allow more opportunities for students in all performing arts departments to join the musical instead of just the drama class.

“Having the opportunity to work with so many different [performing arts] groups on a single show really puts into perspective how important each element is. Without just one of these components, such as the light and sound technicians, actors, orchestra, singers, and set builders, there wouldn’t be a show,” men’s’ ensemble choir member freshman David Liu, who plays one of the three pigs and one of the seven guards, said. “This is far from the shows I’ve been used to in that it’s much more individual. I’m able to express myself and my character in a unique way that allows my own personality to be seen.”

The cast hoped to revive the classic story of Shrek’s quest for love by incorporating these new aspects to the play.

“I think they’ll find some things predictable in a good way, since so many people have seen the movie, but some things will come as a surprise to them,” senior Riley Herms, who plays Fiona, said. “I’m excited to just have all the cast’s hard work pay off by performing in front of an actual audience. Everyone in the cast worked their butt off to make “Shrek the Musical” a great show, and we hope the audiences [enjoyed] it as much as we do.”

By Kevin Arifin, Staff writer

Photo by Emily Chen