Sneak Peak into Honor Choir


Hannah Carreon, 11

“I feel proud that I get to represent our school and our arts program because we really do have a good arts program. Being able to participate in Honor Choir is also a really good experience. Learning from a different teacher than the one that teaches at Walnut gives a different experience especially since those directors are experienced and they’ve been in the music program for years. Being able to be surrounded by a lot of other kids who are just as devoted or dedicated to music as you are, it’s so much more interesting and you’re more inspired to be involved.”




Laurence Chau, 12

“I wanted to join Honor Choir because my friends that are also experienced made me feel inspired to join Honor Choir. I felt excited because with Honor Choir, I can travel a lot as what I heard from my friends, and I can take my singing experience to another level.  I also get to visit and perform at other places, such as the Redlands. I can meet new people with the same interest as I have, which is singing.”




Jocelyn Chow, 12

“Before the Honor Choir auditions, I felt kind of confident because the previous year I did the same audition and I got in and it wasn’t as difficult I imagined it to be. There was definitely a lot less pressure because of this.  I’m looking forward to Honor Choir and hoping that I’ll see my friends there too.”




Pauline Crelencia, 10

“There was a combination of feelings that I felt; [I am] proud because I worked hard for a couple of months and got into honor choir, [I am] anxious because I would have to learn five to six new songs for Honor Choir and [I am] excited to learn about music and how it influenced other people to get [to] where they are now. I also get to meet new people with the same passion of singing. I think I will have a fun experience in honor choir because I get to learn more about being in a choir and I can build more experience being in one overall.”




Eugene Lo, 12

“I felt excited as it was my fourth year to have made it into Honor Choir and to end strong as there’s no more Honor Choir after high school. You’re never going to get an experience like Honor Choir working with other passionate peers to create and produce a lot of great music. With Honor Choir, I can learn how to sing and fit into bigger choirs instead of smaller choirs like Walnut’s.”




Sammi Su, 12

“I’m both relieved and excited because I auditioned for Honor Choir a few [times] in my past few years and I never really made it in. This is going to be my first and last time entering Honor Choir. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and meeting musicians on a higher level because in Walnut, the number of singers is fairly limited so going to Honor Choir, you see people who are either just as good as you or way better so you’ll be able to interact with them from all sectors of our area.”




Vio Zhu, 12

“I feel good and excited because it’s my first time [in Honor Choir]. I want to gain more musical experience, opportunities to learn and become a better musician [by learning] how to sing better, meeting people and gaining confidence. I want to try something new by pay[ing] attention, try[ing] hard and know[ing] my material before.”

Compiled by Raymond Dunn and Jacob Khuu, Staff writers
Photos by Christopher Chan and Jessica Dixon