Stagecraft builds “The Addams Family” set

Stagecraft is preparing the set for the upcoming spring musical, “The Addams Family.”

Members were given two weeks to create an original set for the musical as their first semester final. They drafted blueprints of their sets and created 3D models made of wood or paper. Stagecraft adviser Matthew Migliorini and the stagecraft class chose the winning set design based on creativity and practicality. Because of the many renditions of “The Addams Family” musical, members took inspiration from the musical and incorporated it with their original ideas.

“It’s an exciting feeling that you can get picked because [it’s] like, ‘Hey! I got that chance,’” sophomore Giovanni Manzetti said. “It’s a fun little process, [and] it gives it some memorable feel. [Even though] it’s kind of tense because everybody has their own style, I was still proud of my own project when I saw it aligned with everyone else’s.”

Stagecraft is now in the process of building its set. As a way to restore and reuse old material in order to save money and reduce waste, they are reusing parts from the fall musical, “Big Fish.”

“It has to look both nice and useable, and I think that was what made it hard for me to design. We are limited [with materials, so] it was kind of hard building the sets. We try to use as much as we can to [make] it look stunning,” senior Angelo Paguio said.

Stagecraft will be building the set over the next two months. This week, pieces of wood are being laid out on the stage in order to get a visual of the placement and size of the set. Students are finalizing the measurements for the staircases along with other elements and are starting to cut wood for the sets.

“We are doing everything from the lights to the sounds, pretty much everything that you see. It’s a big job,” senior Joshua Thai said. “We have to get everything done at the same time because they want to get everything done on time, but it is still enjoyable since I get to work with the other members.”

By Justine Constantino, Staff writer
Photo by Jessie Dixon  

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