Stagecraft prepares for spring musical

Stagecraft has been preparing for the Mary Poppins Spring Musical for over a month in order to ensure that illusions and magical displays blend seamlessly with the drama performance.

Members of Stagecraft work in groups to focus on specific projects like woodworking and lighting. Other groups take on technical projects and detail building, which includes sanding down the wooden edges of props and keeping the work area clean.

“I stay every day to work for about an hour and it’s been like this since I started stagecraft this year,” junior Brandon Ko said. “It is very time-consuming as some stay until 8 p.m. at school. There are set times to reach and I believe that everything will succeed. [Stagecraft] is rewarding because of the feeling of accomplishment when you see you have contributed.”

Drama will be performing the musical from Friday, March 17 to Saturday, March 25. This is the second performance that stagecraft has prepared for this year and, unlike the Shrek Musical, Stagecraft has made all its sets instead of renting them from different schools.

“We definitely have more work than last time because we have to make all the movie sets,” senior Taylor Yamauchi said. “I’m very proud of all the work that we have done and I think this musical will be very successful and better than Shrek because we have put in more personal work into it.”

By Lisa Shen, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Gallardo