The Bond of Honor Choir

The dynamic of honor choir can be summed up in one word: family.

All-State Honor Choir, comprised of sophomore Eugene Lo, junior Matthew Huang and seniors Melody Kuan and Austin Si, recently performed in the All-State Honor Choir Concert. They traveled to San Jose to collaborate and perform with other honor choir members from across California. Other Honor Choir members include sophomore Vincent Jodjana in Western Division Honor Choir, freshman Hannah Carreon in All State Middle Junior High Honor Choir and freshman Sarah Gomes in Junior High Honor Choir.

Each of the All-State Honor Choir members began their choir journey differently. For Lo, it was the awe he felt after watching the Spring Pop Concert that motivated him to try choir. After joining in eighth grade, he found singing as a way to destress.

“I think a life of just academics is boring. I need to find solace in another activity,” Lo said. “Everyone finds a different thing that they can use to escape. It can be sports, dancing, but for me, it’s singing. It really relaxes me.”

Mentored by her father, who is a singer, Kuan began singing at an early age. She joined choir in eighth grade and continued in high school, making Chamber choir in her freshman year. Since then, she has become the president of Chamber singers and been in honor choir for four years.

“[My dad] inspired me to always be enthusiastic about things because being pessimistic won’t do me any good. He also inspired me to use my voice to help others and serve church,” Kuan said. “My biggest accomplishment would honestly just be meeting new people and basically having a second family who can support me and be with me through good and tough times.”

Huang also began singing in a church choir but quit after two years. After he stopped singing, he tried playing different instruments, but couldn’t find one that truly allowed him to express himself.

“I stopped singing for a while because when I was really young, my parents forced me to go and I didn’t like that,” Huang said. “But then later, I thought about singing and how you can do it whenever and however you want, so I went back. I just wanted to do more than school and to explore the outside world.”

After a friend recommended him to, Si decided to join choir in eighth grade. A passion for singing grew and motivated him to strive to become a better singer.

“I really like singing, and I like to be good at what I do, so if something’s not going right, I’m going to put in the time to practice,” Si said. “I don’t need someone to say, ‘Oh man, Austin, you’re doing great,’ I just keep going. I do things for my own satisfaction. Years have progressed, and now I’m here.”

Despite all sharing a passion for singing and sharing similar interests such as sports, all of them have different personalities that fit together perfectly.

“We don’t have personalities in common,” Huang said. “It’s more like every person has an unique personality, and it is like pieces to a puzzle, so being with people in choir brings out the best in you.”

The balance of teasing and trust between all of them is what makes the dynamic of honor choir special.

“There’s no gossip, no awkwardness, nothing bad,” Kuan said. “We trust each other so much, we can basically tell each other anything no matter how hard.”

By Natalie Jiang, Staffer

Photo Courtesy of Melody Kuan

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