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WHAM Performs at Branding Iron Pep Rally

Walnut High All-Male Dance Team (WHAM) performed at the Branding Iron pep rally in the gym Friday, Sept. 2.

The team danced to more aggressive songs such as “Squad,” Black Magic,” Broccoli” and “Cold Water” in its first performance of the year.

“Our leaders are committed dancers who want us to do very well. They have experience from our previous leaders, but we have never seen them coach [before] this year,” senior Tommy Dang said. “I believe that their leadership brought out our confidence and capabilities in this performance — it’s what brought out the best in us because we worked hard over these past few months.”

In addition to practicing weekly over the summer, WHAM also attended daily morning and evening practices during Branding Iron week.

“Before the pep rally we had major flaws especially in our timing but during the pep rally, we really did notice that we were pretty hardcore and intense. It showed that the two months we put in not only shaped us to perform in the gym, but really kept us close-knit enough to show WHAM as a whole rather than an individualistic group,” junior Ryan De Silva said.

With two new leaders and five new members, WHAM dancers have planned to improve the quality of their performances by beginning practices earlier in the year and training more frequently than before.

“I was really excited to see what our team could do out on the stage because although a lot of our dancers are new, and haven’t had much experience in dancing, they really impressed our team and the captains overall. [The new members] really motivated the captains to put their all into sharing their knowledge and expertise,” sophomore Nathan Magno said. “With this new team, we are really excited to show what we got on stage. All we can do from this point is improve.”

By Angela Cao and Kevin Arifin, Arts editors
Photo by Justin Jiang

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