WHAM performs at Branding Iron lunch rally

WHAM (Walnut High All Male) participated at the Branding Iron lunch rally on Friday, Sept. 5 at the stage area. This was the first time members performed at an event outside of the three annual pep rallies.

“Performing at lunch that day was very special to us because it was the first time our current team performed outdoors, we got to experience something new,” junior Dylan Sentoso said. “Our performance helped Branding Iron because it raised school spirit.”

The team’s set consisted of various hip-hop and lyrical styles. They also incorporated “swag” style, which integrates grooves and subtle movements, and dubstep, a composition of sharp and popping movements. They played “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg for the hip-hop set and a slow, chill beat for the “swag” style.

“We try to make crowds entertained while putting a certain significance into each move. Most of our music is just that,” WHAM captain junior Teja Kankanala said. “All of us dance because we have a passion to – it’s an art form that can be used to express emotions and hopefully show other people what we can do.”

By performing outside the pep rallies, WHAM hopes to attract interest to the club and recruit new members. Since WHAM is not an official school organization, members are looking for performance opportunities on campus to increase support and eventually gain qualification.

“The WHAM boys and I are just trying our best to get the school to make us official, let us use the dance room, give us a director and take us to competitions, whether it’s for us or the next generations of WHAM,” co-captain senior Brandon Wang said. “For whatever success we achieve, however, we owe it all to the fellow schoolmates of Walnut High School. They’re the ones that help keep the energy up, our minds set and ourselves motivated.”

By Sabrina Wan, Arts editor

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