Winter guard competes in first competition

Winter guard performed in its first competition of the year Saturday, Feb. 3 at South Hills High School.

The competition served as a qualifier to place winter guard in their division in the Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC) for the rest of its competition season. Last year, winter guard was placed in the WGASC Scholastic AA division.

“Going into it, I felt pretty excited because it’s a different type of piece than we did last year” junior Stephanie Cazares said. “I think we’ll keep doing pretty good as long as we keep carrying our own weight.”

Winter guard’s ballroom dance-themed routine, titled “May I Have This Dance,” featured expressive, lyrical moves and an emphasis on saber tossing. The piece is set to orchestral music in contrast to last year’s jazz-themed routine.

“Performing was a lot of fun. I was nervous [because] going in front of crowds is always a little scary,” Cazares said.

Saturday’s rain disrupted Winter guard’s normal practice schedule and forced members to move to cover in order to practice. Group practices have been a large part of Winter guard’s preparations, with practices taking place during first period and Tuesday and Thursday nights.

“I think we [will] do pretty well,” sophomore Gwem Juria said. “We have a month to prepare for [our next competition], and hopefully, it won’t be raining anymore. We’ll just be a team, work things through and give it our all.”

By Jason Wu, Staff writer
Photo by Erin Tan