Winter Wishing Wonderland

Dance 2, Advanced Dance and Dance Ensemble kicked off the festive season with their annual dance concert, “Winter Wishes,” Thursday and Friday, Nov. 21 and 22.

winter wishes 1 final

Synchronizing her moves with her teammates, Dance Ensemble member senior Denise Kao prepares to turn in the performance  “Celebration” to the song “4 Carats.” “It’s the idea of being with someone you love,” Kao said. “We wanted this dance to be really fun, but also have the technique that we need to show off our skills. At the same time, it was a lot of excitement and just really fun to perform.”

winter wishes 2 final

Holding a tennis racket and ball, Dance Ensemble senior Meleia Lontok dances alternating steps called ponies for the dance  “Bouncin’ into the Holidays.” “This routine is really lively and comedic, so I felt really excited because it was funny. The routine is also sharp;—you have to get everything on count,” Lontok said.

winter wishes 3 final

Advanced Dance members (from left to right) senior Yvonne Corpin, junior Stefanie Laserna, junior Abigail Campos, junior Daphnie Amezcua, junior Alyana Advincula and freshman Cassandra Sanchez pose for the overhead photo booth during the performance, “Blissful Joy.” “I’m really proud of our team because we had to start the choreography from scratch,” Laserna said. “As a group, we decided it would be more fun [if] it reminded us of our beginnings in Dance 1.”

winter wishes 4 final

Dance Ensemble member senior Andie Kalinowski stretches into a penche in her solo “Connection.” “As I was doing [my solo], I remembered this was going to be my last time doing a solo, so I tried to do my best and cherish the feeling of performing,” Kalinowski said.

winter wishes 5 final

Executing a stationary leap in her solo to the song, “Self-Confidence,” Dance Ensemble member junior Brianna Chen beams at the audience. “I chose this because the song that I danced to is about the artist trying to find herself, to love herself and having the confidence to do whatever she wants,” Chen said. “I [brought] that wish across and [helped] people see the connection between the wish and the dance.”

Photos by Tristan Gonzalez