15 of ’15

As the end of high school approaches, these seniors share their stories, advice and more.

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Venezy Dominguez
“Basically, my parents told me that when I was born, they didn’t have a name for me. So when they were thinking about one, my dad basically looked at a map that was in the room and he told me that there was a name on there that said Venecia. My dad told my mom ‘we should name her that’ but my mom thought it was an ugly name, so they took off the ‘a’ and replaced the ‘ci’ with ‘zy.’”

What are the names of your other siblings?
“My older sister’s name is Noreli. And the younger two are pretty basic. John and Leslie.”

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Jesse Valencia
Who was your favorite teacher at Walnut?
Didn’t like any of them?
“Too many to choose from, actually.”

Raven Elkoury
“I’ve been trashcanned, and that’s something that I’ll never forget. -laughs-
It happened during my freshman year, actually. This guy, who is now my boyfriend, was always like, ‘Oh, y’know I’m gonna trashcan you tomorrow right?’ Then he actually did it! And then another two weeks later, he got my friend Lexie too. He got me five times in total.”

michael parhams
Michael Parhams
Is there any advice you would give incoming students?
“Yeah. Be focused on school. Don’t try to impress anybody, just do what you have to do then do what you want to do.”

Katie Flaugher
“Prom was definitely one of my most memorable nights of senior year. [My date and I] were dancing, and then suddenly I heard something tear. Turns out my entire dress, from the top of my butt to the floor, ripped. Everyone saw…and everyone got a view. My boyfriend’s belt actually got stuck to my dress, so it ruined my $300 dress. It was during the beginning of the dance too. I cried.”

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Brandon Chavez
“I rode the Silver Bullet for $20 the first time. I usually like roller coasters that, you know, don’t have your feet dangling like that. But my dad challenged me. I really really wanted to turn back, but, you know, it wasn’t just about the money. It was about overcoming the fear, and my dad knew that. I couldn’t let him down. We’re really close; I’ve never seen another dad bond with his kid like he does. Other dads don’t want to spend time with their kids like mine does. He’s just always been there. He filled the vacuum when my mom – well, not exactly stopped caring but became more distant. Over the years we just became more open with each other, and now it’s easy to see how much we’ve grown – changed our character? Yeah, he’s just always been there. He’s not like other dads.”

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Aneesa Hassan
What is your craziest adventure you’ve ever been on?
“My family and I flew to Australia this past summer and then we drove from here to Georgia.”

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Eric Garcia
What’s something that you’re looking forward to after graduation?
“A reunion. I want to see everyone with their bald spots and their jobs that they hate, lives they can’t stand. It’d be fun.”

Briana Contreras 15 of 15
Briana Contreras
What are you most proud of?
“I have to say becoming more social because when I came into high school I was really shy and I hardly talked to anyone. I’m really awkward. I actually joined clubs. every year i’ve actually joined clubs. I don’t always stick with them but I’ve made more friends. I participate more in classes.”

Zayd Al-Beitawi
What’s your worst case of senioritis?
“In English we have to do RRS’s, so average for our class is about 9-10 pages [long]. I started mine around 11 p.m. the day before it was due and stayed up until about three in the morning trying to finish. The worst part is, it wasn’t even done well. When she graded it, it turns out all my grammar was completely off, I didn’t even put periods in half the sentences, the phrasing was completely unreadable so yeah, my score was of course low. So I guess you can conclude by saying the consequences of senioritis is that the quality of your work goes down as well as the effort too.”
Did she call you out on it?
“Well, almost everyone in the class screwed up.”

Faith Togiai
What is the weirdest experience you had in high school?
“I slipped on a packet of ketchup and I landed on it, so there was ketchup on my butt the whole day. I had to explain the story to everyone and it was pretty weird.”

bryan and maverick
Bryan Cam and Maverick Chang
What was your weirdest experience?
Chang: “I went to the restroom one time, and I thought this guy was talking to me but apparently he was not.”
Cam: “I go through that each and every day, man. I think someone’s talking to me, but it’s always another Bryan.”

Julie Altamirano
If you could redo your four years in high school, what would you change?
“I wouldn’t change anything because I like the way my high school life is.”

Jmill Moore
What is something you’re very proud of?
“Yeah. In sophomore year, I tried to become class president. I didn’t win but I stood in front of the whole school and delivered my speech. It felt accomplishing.”

Stephanie Quach and Christine Go
Quach: “The best thing about my high school life has been finding out that there are people like me who do a lot of weird things in their spare time. [I’ve met] new people and friends like this girl right here, who’s also weird like me.”

Go: “We’re always together every morning. This year, we don’t have first period so we just see each other a lot.”

Quach: “And enjoy the extra time we have before school.”

Go: “And we get to know each other a little better even though we met in freshman year. At the time, we just saw each other, we were just acquaintances. And then this year, we just got a little closer.”

Quach: “We were kind of like, forced to be friends.”
“Because there’s no one else here, so we just sit here and talk about random stuff. And I guess from there, our friendship grew.”

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