nikitas freshmen (girls)

18 of ’18

Keane and Ethan Wong

Keane & Ethan Wong

Q: What’s it like having a twin brother?

Ethan:  “We finish each other’s thoughts.”

Keane: “Sometimes, I have him read a book while I’m taking a test so he can transfer his thoughts to mine. And I do the same thing for him. I always get one purposely wrong, just to mess with him. We’re also capable of transforming into superhumans…”

Ethan: “…And we can also shape shift.”

Q: You guys can shape shift into each other?

Both, at the same time: “Yes.”

Keane: “That’s a fact.”

Harrison Wu

Harrison Wu

Q: How is it like getting between classes?

“Ten minutes to get between classes is way longer as opposed to the five minutes we got in Suzanne. It’s kind of hard to get books from my locker when there’s always people standing in front, though. It’s just a hassle to get books in between every period, especially if your locker is on the other side of school, but I guess it’s understandable because the school can’t supply students with their own books and a class set.”

Michael Ruiz

Michael Ruiz (right)

Q: What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had in high school so far?

“I remember during band camp, I shook up a can of Coke and went up to one of my friends and said ‘Hey Jason!’ and I covered him in Coke. I started laughing to the point where tears were flying off my face.”

Tiana Park

Tiana Park

Q: What has your brother taught you about high school?

“Basically, nothing except study hard and do homework.”

Samantha Chai and Katherine Co

Samantha Chai & Katherine Co

Q: Describe your friendship.

Katherine: “She’s really easy-going and makes a lot of friends quickly.”

Samantha: “She’s really funny… We have a lot of inside jokes.”

Q: Can you tell me one?

-Samantha turns bright red.-

Katherine: “I don’t think it’s appropriate to share.”

Gianna Chavez

Gianna Chavez 

Q: Is there anything you have been struggling with?

“The teachers give a lot of homework and it’s just hard finding the time to do all of it, especially when I have after school activities. I’m in volleyball and volleyball doesn’t end until four for me, so by the time I get home and start my homework, there’s not that much time left.”

Kenny Chang

Kenny Chang

Q: Has your brother helped you with anything in high school?

“No, but I use his locker!”


Selah Walker

Q: What’s something unique that sets you apart from others?


Viviana Briseno

Viviana Briseno

Q: What’s the difference between middle school and high school for you?

“A lot of things change, especially your old friends. Your closest friends in middle school change and they go different directions, but you make new friends.”

kevin cho

Kevin Cho

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve experienced on campus?

“There were some stray dogs we saw by the choir room. At first, I thought it was normal, like they were a mascot or something; I thought they were there for a reason. When I found out they were strays, I wanted to take them with me, but I already have two dogs.”

Lauren Xie

Lauren Xie

Q: Is it weird going to school with your sister?


Q: Do you like it?


Q: Why not?

“Because I can see her and her boyfriend every day.”

Q: Are you and your sister close?

“No. She doesn’t like to tell me anything and she doesn’t let me tell her anything.”

Q: How do you feel about that?

“I don’t care.”

nikitas freshmen (girls)

Chloe Lopez (left)

Q: Have you had any struggles adjusting to high school?

“I just feel like we’re the little kids of school again.”

nikitas freshman  Daniel Orozco

Q: What makes you unique from other freshmen?

“I’m probably the shortest freshman.”

jade and kaitlin

Kaitlin Shao & Jade Dai

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in high school so far?

Kaitlin: “Jade.”

Jade: “Kaitlin is the weirdest thing I’ve seen.”

Kaitlin: “Just Jade in general.”


Q: So can you tell me more about how you guys met? How long have you guys been friends?


Jade: “Yeah, I was like, ‘Oh, wow, Kaitlin exists?’”

Kaitlin: “I was talking to one of my other friends, and I was like, ‘Ew, who’s that?’”

-both burst into laughter-


Q: How has your friendship developed over the past few months?

Jade: “We’re very similar.”

-both laugh-

Kaitlin: “I’ve gotten more like Jade.”

Jade: “Yeah, yeah! She says something, and then I say like the same thing with different words.”

Kaitlin: “Yeah, with dumber words.”


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