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31 days, 31 sketches

October is a month filled with pumpkins, fright and candy, but it’s also the time for some artists to take out their pens and draw every day, following specific prompts each day.

Created by animator Jake Parker, Inktober is an ongoing event in which artists around the world follow a list, containing different topics for every day of the month, given by Parker. Following the Inktober guidelines, artists use only pens and ink utensils to create artwork using their creativity. This annual event has found its way to students at Walnut.



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Inspired by artists she had seen online, freshman Le-An Vinculado decided to participate in Inktober. This year marks Vinculado’s second time being involved in Inktober since doing it last year. Her favorite prompt is “long,” in which artists sketch figures with extended features, such as marshmallow heads with long legs.

“[Inktober] is tiring, but it’s fun seeing what my imagination can make with the topics given for each day,” Vinculado said. “It’s nice to give myself a challenge with my artistic skills. [Through the process], I learn that I have the ability to evolve and adapt to different art styles as an artist.”

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