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A dress fit for a princess

Not every teenage girl gets to fulfill her dream of attending the renowned high school prom clad in an expensive gown. Many students lack the means to purchase such a luxury.

Under the leadership of officer senior Kaitlyn Tang, Girls League tried to change that through the month-long Princess Project, a way for girls to donate unwanted dresses that will be sent to less fortunate high school students who lack the funds to purchase prom dresses.

Tang noticed that girls may wear their dresses at a single formal event, and never use them again. It made sense for girls to donate their dresses to allow another girl to experience the opportunity of a dance.

“I understood the rule that you’re not suppose to wear the same dress. What would be people do with the extra dress? They cut it and wear it to Winter Formal or a formal gathering, which is highly improbable. They would just keep it and I thought it would be good for people who don’t know what to do with their dress is to give it to someone who needs it more than you do,” Tang said. “I hope those people girls go to prom. They’ll be able to pick out a dress out for free, try it on and if it fits they can take it home with them. We just want them to be able to go to prom.”

Members of Girls League sympathized with students from other high schools, who were unable to purchase dresses of their own for dances. Girls League used this opportunity to pitch in and help allow girls to have a nice dress to wear to a dance.

“I think it’s important because we have the capability to help someone in need, and I think it’s our job to share what we have especially if we don’t need [a dress] anymore,” officer senior Jessica Dimaano said.

Many faculty members donated their daughters’ outgrown dresses to the drive. Along the way, English teacher advisers So Hee Tran and Kellee Lyons have been supportive in organizing the the event.

“I think it’s amazing that we have this support because without them, this couldn’t have happened. We wouldn’t have so many dresses to donate if we didn’t have their cooperation,” Dimaano said.

The organization’s dress drive has collected over 40 dresses. Members believe that their efforts to give girls an opportunity to attend prom will allow them to take part in an essential aspect of their high school years.

“This is important so that people that are less fortunate can have an opportunity to go to events like prom. It’s a good way to have students on campus give back to their community,” sophomore Cindy Zhang said.

By Jeffrey Tran, Staff writer

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