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A Rehmedy for student musicians

Accompanist Linda Rehm plays her last few songs on the piano before retiring at the end of the year. “I’ve really enjoyed the kids. That’s my favorite thing, working with the students,” Rehm said. “I am definitely going to miss the people I’ve worked with and the students.”

“The joy of music is that you don’t have to be super talented. You just have to have the desire and willingness to work hard.” Over the last 17 years, accompanist Linda Rehm hopes to have impacted all students with this mantra before her retirement at the end of the school year.

Previously working as an assistant choir director and vocal director, Rehm has met and bonded with many students throughout her career. As an accompanist, Rehm plays the piano, a vital role for all performances.

“I play the piano for the things that the choir does. I play the piano for rehearsals. I will help lead sectionals when we split like into groups, and I can work with a group, teaching them their music,” Rehm said. “I will miss it a lot.”

Rehm’s last year consisted mostly of quarantine, and although the situation was not ideal, she made the most out of it.

“I never expected that this whole year would be in quarantine when I made the commitment at the beginning of the school year,” Rehm said. “I do miss the fact that I’m not going to get any in-person time with the kids, but I’m ready to move on to the next chapter in my life.”

Despite these plans, Rehm will miss her job very much. Her connections with her students serve as a lifelong memory and she hopes her impact will last even after her retirement.

“I think that Walnut is a really special place and some of my favorite memories are working with the students,” Rehm said. “My last advice for students is to give it a try. If it’s something you’re interested in, try it and work for it.”

Rehm plans to spend more time with her family during her retirement, which includes traveling to Northern California and Texas. However, music will continue to stay as a part of her life.

“I definitely want to spend some time hanging out with my grandson. I have some home projects and stuff that I want to do too,” Rehm said. “I’ve always kept a few piano students, and so I would like to continue with that.”

By Remy Wong, Staff writer
Photos courtesy of Linda Rehm