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Behind the Scenes: Pancakes and Waffles Charity Brunch

Often times, no one bothers think about the people operating every station at events like the charity brunch hosted by Operation Smile on March 7. Many people work behind the scenes by going through careful planning a month ahead of time in order to have the event run smoothly.

Before organizing any event, club members first contribute fundraising ideas in biweekly meetings. The cabinet gathers these ideas, eliminates the inefficient options and chooses the one that would benefit the club most. In this case, club members selected the charity brunch idea in February and shortly after began developing the smaller details of the event, such as food items, decorations and performers.

For the charity brunch, four main groups, consisting of five to six people each, were responsible for different categories: design, public relations, catering and performances.
Design gathered materials from the cabinet members and decorated the MPR with assistance from other people. Public relations promoted the event by creating posters, passing out fliers and getting sponsors. Catering involved 10 members working the bacon station, pancake and waffle station and beverage area. The performing group gathered performers to participate during the brunch.

“From this event, I had the opportunity to meet and get to know many other students in the Operation Smile. After a little over a month of hard work and dedication that was put into making this event successful, it turned out to be a very nice and well-organized event. The performances were all phenomenal, the food turned out to be delicious, and the decorations created a very nice atmosphere for the audience,” design and performances head chair junior Kristie Law said.

However, members also had to learn to adapt to unforeseen changes on the day of the event. One of the difficulties Operation Smile faced was the arrival time. When the janitor came in later than they preferred, club members only had an hour to prepare and had to push back the performance schedule several minutes. Another problem involved the food station, when members faced difficulty preparing and serving frozen bacon.

Overall, the planning experience gave members a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the process of organizing an event — a process that may be overlooked by attendees of the event, who only get to see the culmination of Operation Smile’s efforts.

“At the event, we [hoped] to be a welcoming community to local people as well as those from different schools through good food and awesome performances,” public relations officer junior Irene Pan said. “[But] ultimately what we aim to do is spread awareness of children who are suffering because of facial deformities and unify our goal to gladly give back to the community through life-changing surgeries.”

By Airi Gonzalez, Staff writer

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