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Bow ties going up… on a Tuesday

Strutting around school sporting a bright red bow tie, class of 2016 grade level coordinator Danny Daher takes pride in his resemblance to Orville Redenbacher, the familiar, snow-bearded elderly man plastered across popcorn boxes everywhere. With the emergence of a new guidance counselor on campus, the class of 2016 GLCs have banded together in an attempt to establish a new tradition for the teachers — Bow Tie Tuesday.

“Since bow ties are becoming a little more fashionable, I thought [Bow Tie Tuesday] would be a great thing to do. Being new on campus, I wanted to bring on and start some new traditions,” class of 2016 grade level coordinator DuJuan Johnson said.

During a candid discussion between the two GLCs, the topic initially surfaced as a burst of spontaneity.

“Bow Tie Tuesday was just something that kind of popped up. Mr. Johnson and I talked for a minute and I asked him if he owned bow ties or if he cared to wear them. He said he didn’t but wanted to give it a shot anyway. So we did, and it worked,” Daher said.

When Johnson and Daher first settled on bow ties as their choice of fashion, Johnson owned a single paltry bowtie. Likewise, Daher owned maybe two or three. However, with the trusty guidance of the internet, they have been able to create an inexhaustible collection of bow ties.

“In our weekly obsession with bow ties, we have both learned how to make bow ties out of regular neckties,” Daher said. “Yes, thank you YouTube.”

These two bow tie enthusiasts have yet to miss a single Bow Tie Tuesday since the beginning of the school year.

“I thought I would forget by now. I’m actually surprised and impressed with myself. Mr. Johnson himself is very organized, as but for me I’m pretty surprised,” Daher said.

With more and more staff members joining the tradition, both Johnson and Daher have become the forerunners of an impending revolution of bow ties.

“We started telling people on campus to see if it would catch, and as the weeks went on, we started to notice more and more people participating,” Johnson said. “Now we have students, even staff members saying, ‘Hey, Y’know tomorrow’s Bow Tie Tuesday?’”

By Michelle Feng, Staff writer

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