DJ Lindsay

Bowl is life

DJ Lindsay – baseball player, AP student, bowling enthusiast. Amid the list of his other hobbies, bowling seems a bit out of place. But for senior DJ Lindsay, bowling is more than ten pins, a 15 pound ball and the inexplicable smell of bowling oil – it’s a competitive sport that opens up new opportunities and gives him a break from the hectic world of school and baseball.

“Bowling is really therapeutic for me; it’s my escape. I clear my mind and it just makes me feel better. It calms me down and I go with the flow,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay’s love for bowling wasn’t planned. In fact, the first time he actually bowled was only a few years ago, at his brother’s birthday party at Chaparral 300 in Chino Hills.

“The new bowling alley just opened up, so we went there and I was doing really good. You know how when you’re doing really good at something, it becomes even more fun? And that was just really fun, so I wanted to do it again and again,” Lindsay said.

With both his grandparents interested in bowling, Lindsay was able to refine his skills through a mix of both his own trial and error and his grandpa’s coaching.

“It was always a recreational thing. In the summer, every Sunday my grandparents would let me go bowl with them and I really liked it because during the school year they wouldn’t let me go. They’d give me pointers and stuff, so it was really a constant thing for me,” Lindsay said. “Once they found out I had an interest in bowling, they were very supportive and they just wanted me to keep on pursuing it. And that inspired me to just keep on going.”

With enthusiasm, he practiced constantly throughout his summers, but irregularly during the school year as he juggled both varsity baseball and AP classes.

“Baseball season’s in the spring, and AP tests are in the spring, too, so it was hard to balance. I pushed through and I was sad because I didn’t get to bowl at much. This year, time management’s a lot easier to me since I’m taking less AP classes and the classes seem to be more chill. I want to spend more time bowling,” Lindsay said.

Besides family influence, Lindsay’s love for bowling also resulted from the relaxing effect that seemed to have always gone hand-in-hand with bowling. Bowling opened up a world of meditative peace, away from the world of essays, Calculus tests and two hour baseball practices.

“Honestly I like to think of it as a kind of relaxing thing. It’s my time really, so I kind of forget about all my troubles outside of everything, pretty much. And I just have fun. Sophomore year, I would always go bowling just by myself everyday after school for like two hours and that was my favorite time of the week. The bowling alley was clear because no one would come in at like 3 o’clock and it was just relaxing,” Lindsay said.

Now, Lindsay aspires to take his bowling to the next level by joining a competitive bowling league, participating in competitions or even having the opportunity to bowl for a college team.

“I wish I could [do college competitive bowling]. Because if I get good enough, and I can get good enough, then I could get a scholarship to a school and it’d be great because it’s something I really like. And just using my skill to get through college, that’d be great since college is so expensive now. It’s a win-win situation,” Lindsay said. “I know for sure that I’m going to bowl in college, but I don’t know whether it’s in a league or for fun. I just want to bowl.”

By Nikita Patel, Scene editor

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