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Video blogging has become a rising trend. People who joined this trend, known as “vloggers”, craft videos to record their experiences and showcase them to others through media. Aleona Quintua and sophomore Lauren Fue are two students who make vlogs.

Quintua has always wanted to film vlogs and talk casually to an audience.

“Last year [is] when I actually just [started] filming myself and talking to the camera,” Quintua said. “I like talking a lot, and I have a lot of things to say. I wanted to record myself saying things that are personal to me.”

Quintua has posted three vlogs on her YouTube channel, Alee Queue, which was created in December 2018. In her first video, she introduces herself to YouTube. In the second, she covers what she got for Christmas, and in her latest video, she discusses her childhood.

“During middle school, I was really into YouTube,” Quintua said. “I watched a lot of YouTubers, so I thought it was really cool that they would just talk about their life. YouTube has always been something that’s accessible to me, and I think it’s just something that’s really accessible to everyone.”

Quintua jots down a list of topics to base her video around such as self-esteem, body image and her life experiences. She then starts to shoot  footage. After filming for about 30 minutes with her iPhone 5s, she uploads the footage to VSDC Video Editor and edits the clips in order to make it into a six-minute video. The process takes about two hours.

“These videos are kind of an outlet for me to talk about things that I’m interested in and that I’m passionate about,” Quintua said. “I want to talk about things that a lot of teenagers relate to, but most of all, I want to make it personal to me and how I live my life.”

Fue, who was introduced to vlogging in middle school, makes travel vlogs while on vacation. Fue has videos from many different countries such as Japan, the Netherlands and Vietnam. She shows her perspective on these various trips with her Instagram account, @laurennfue.

“You get different views on different places in the world,” Fue said. “When I travel and [the people] are really nice, they kind of inspire me to capture the culture and everything around me.”

Fue was first inspired to film her own experiences when she came across Youtuber Alex Hayes, who vlogs in Hawaii. In June 2016, she shared her first vacation to Europe by capturing special moments of the trip with a GoPro camera. After receiving positive feedback, Fue decided to share more travel vlogs.

“It’s nice to get inspiration from others because when you grow up, it’s hard to just find your own path sometimes. It’s nice to be able to look up to someone and say ‘Oh, I want to try that and see how it works for me,’” Fue said.

Her minute-long videos take a few hours to create. Using the video editing application, iMovie, she cuts clips from the footage and selects the best camera angles and background music. Over the past couple years, she has transitioned from using the GoPro camera to using her iPhone 6.

“Making videos helped me realize that people who make videos work really hard, especially if they do it for a living,” Fue said. “I appreciate the effort that they put into the videos because they take a lot more time editing than I do.”

Through her videos, Fue shares the lifestyle of people in other regions of the world. By featuring various cities around the world, she hopes to show that the United States enjoys certain privileges that other countries do not experience.

“I went to Vietnam over Thanksgiving break with my family, [and] I saw this lady sitting on the side of the street with her daughter and they were homeless.” Fue said. “I took a lot of videos about the people that were there in Vietnam, their lives and their jobs. People get to see how different our world is compared to theirs.”


By Landon Park, Staff writer
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez