Between bike rides and engaging in distance learning, junior Lily Rzonca finds time to bake and cook. However, she’s not just cooking for herself or her family; she’s also cooking for the people on her private cooking Snapchat story.

“I’ve always been into baking because I have a sweet tooth. I really find it encouraging that people enjoy watching me cook and make dishes, so I post them to encourage other people to cook as well,” Rzonca said.

Rzonca’s dishes vary from shrimp tacos to lemon bars. She gained inspiration from restaurant meals and puts her own spin on the dish by substituting ingredients she prefers.

“I try to cook meals that I’ve had before since we can’t really go to any restaurants right now,” Rzonca said. “If I’m craving something from a certain restaurant, then I’ll try to cook my own rendition of it, and I’ve done this for a few meals.”

Rzonca has made her own versions of Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich, Panda

Express orange chicken and Baja Grill shrimp tacos. While her favorite meal
is the shrimp tacos, she is most proud of cooking the spicy chicken sandwich because of the difficulty of the dish. The chicken sandwich was the dish that kickstarted her cooking Snapchat story.

“At first I was hesitant to start baking because I was scared to mess it up,” Rzonca said. “I was really nervous

because there are a lot of steps to follow but after I finished I felt really accomplished. Seeing the final product really makes the whole process of cooking worth it.”

Rzonca consults her parents and boyfriend for help with her dishes. She often cooks meals requested by them for dinner or lunch.

“I find it super relaxing to take time away from studying and working out to bake. I use it as a time to clear my head and focus on something other than the chaos in the world right now,” Rzonca said. 

On her Snapchat story, Rzonca offers friends a glimpse into her kitchen and shows the process that she follows so that they can cook the food later. 

“It’s a really great way to connect with my friends because I can’t hang out with them in person,” Rzonca said.

By Bhalpriya Sandhu, Recreation editor
Photo courtesy of Lily Rzonca