Jesse Peh

Creating expressions through music

It’s difficult to learn just one language, let alone sing in three. But senior Jesse Peh does just that with passion and a platform dedicated to recovery.

Peh started his multilingual YouTube channel, Jesse LPK, in June 2018. His channel features covers from a range of genres, including rhythm and blues, ballad and gospel music.

“The reason I started making covers is because I started to make people realize there are these songs that make you feel better. Music can sympathize with you when you’re communicating through that medium,” Peh said.

Born in the United States, Peh was raised by his Chinese-Malaysian father and Korean mother and frequently attended his local Korean church. At age seven, he moved to China to study before returning to the United States at age 16. Through these experiences, Peh became fluent in Chinese, English and Korean.

“I like singing three languages of different songs and styles. Different languages have different cultures [and] expressions of sad and happy,” Peh said. “In Korean [and Chinese], we go around things. In English, we’re pretty straight to the point.”

When his father passed away, Peh turned to music as a part of his grieving process at age 15. Singing a cover of “Creep” by Radiohead inspired him to develop more covers.

“My dad liked to listen to that music, so when I covered it, I remembered my dad,” Peh said. “I’ve been through very difficult times since my dad passed away, and music was the only thing to improve my depression.”

To produce a cover, Peh chooses a song and adjusts it to his style on digital programs like Logic Pro X and GarageBand. Then, he connects his piano to his MacBook to create an instrumental track before adding his vocals. Each cover takes an average of two to three hours to make.

“Most musicians listen to other music and other musicians’ styles [and] want to copy it. I would recommend not copying it and sticking to your own style. Your style of music is your style of expression and your own emotions. I like A-sharp melodies and kind of depressing songs, for the most,” Peh said.

Peh now dedicates his channel to others with challenges in their lives by creating covers of songs to offer support and solace. Ultimately, his goal is to write his own songs for a larger audience.

“People have used music to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings, and some music is really touching and can help you go through certain situations. I just want to make people realize I have a YouTube channel, and they can listen to my music to get through a difficult time,” Peh said.

By Amy Lo, Staff writer
Photo Courtesy of Jesse Peh