Dancing on water

The elegance of dance. The endurance of swim. Freshman Christina Wu’s love for both inspired her to combine her two passions to compete in synchronized swimming.

Wu and her synchronized swimming team traveled to New York and Seattle for the Junior Olympic and national competitions. Synchronized swimming has team, duet and solo competitions. Her team placed second in the team event, and Wu placed 10th in the solo event in New York. In Seattle, she placed fourth in a trio.

“The time commitment is worth it, because we got second place at nationals,” Wu said. “Our synchronized swimming team is really fun and we do everything together.”

Wu practices four hours daily and five to six hours on the weekends at La Mirada with her team. Their daily training includes swimming laps and hybrids, where they move their legs above the water and hold their breaths for a long period of time.

“Synchronized swimming helps me manage my time more wisely, such as for homework, because I need to make time for homework and studying,” Wu said. “It helps me with my leadership skills because sometimes we have to help each other out and correct each other.”

This is her fourth year being involved in synchronized swimming after competing in swim and dance until middle school.

“My background in swim and dance helped me a lot, and I improved greatly my first year [of synchronized swimming]. It is like a combination of the two,” Wu said.

Wu has set her personal goal to place top five in figures and her team is seeking first place in the national competition again this year.

“Our team is crazy around each other. We go through everything together,” Wu said. “Our team feels really accomplished when we win. Like all the time we spent, all the practices, all the yelling of coaches, everything just becomes worth it.”

By Irene Zhou, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Christina Wu

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