Dancing with the stars

To promote their club, Archer Club members created a YouTube channel to showcase their K-pop dance covers online. Officers got the idea to upload videos of these covers after people requested to see their performances.

“We really wanted to share this habit with a lot of other people because all of us like to [perform]. [The channel is] a way for us to connect with others, a way to fulfill what all of us want to do and bring confidence to [members],” Archer Club president senior Vivian Wang said. “A lot of them want to show their talent, but in our school there’s not that many performances to show it, so I wanted them to have a place.”

In preparation for filming, members rehearse weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After the club’s captains film and edit a video of their performance, it is uploaded to their channel. A new video is posted on Sunday every two weeks. Members rewatch the videos and read comments so they know which skills to improve.

“I’ve danced since I was really small so I just keep on doing it. The best part is making new friends and sharing our love to dance,” Archer Club member freshman Tracy Tian said. “Our club likes to post these covers because we all like dancing. We want to share our dances with other people.”

By Sarah Lew, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Archer Club
Video courtesy of Archer Club