Faizaan Merchant

DIY: Building a computer

What do you do when your computer is in need of an upgrade?

Sophomore Faizaan Merchant builds one himself.

During Black Friday, Merchant ordered all the components necessary for his computer, including the CPU, hard drive and operating system. He then devoted four hours over winter break to assemble the final product – a computer that he now uses for gaming.

“I’ve always loved technology and building a computer sounded awesome to me. Also, I wanted to build something more powerful than my laptop, to do more advanced things such as gaming,” Merchant said.

Merchant purchased all 11 computer software and hardware components from Newegg, an online retailer of computer parts, with the total amounting to roughly $1200.

“Picking the parts posed a little bit of a challenge because sometimes there were two really similar components, with the same prices and different brands; so it was a little hard to choose. You have to choose from a variety of different parts based on what you want to use your computer for,” Merchant said. “Building the computer itself was not too hard, although there was one complication where Windows was not sensing one of my components.”

Since this was Merchant’s first time building a computer, he used YouTube as a learning tool. Merchant also enlisted the help of his dad and several friends who had assembled their own computers in the past.

“Many channels reviewed different parts and showed you how to build the actual computer. Also, many of my friends had built computers before me, so I could always turn to them for advice,” Merchant said. “It felt great to get advice from my friends and make memories with my dad by building the computer.”

While the process was frustrating for Merchant at times, what resulted from a passion for computer science was a fully functional device that Merchant could call his own.

“Turning on the computer and having it boot up with everything working was very rewarding, especially knowing that I put it together myself. Knowing the end result of being able to utilize a faster and more computer that I built by myself [also motivated me when the process got frustrating],” Merchant said. “People usually think building a computer is really complicated but it actually isn’t. It’s pretty simple if you follow all the directions they give you.”

By Alison Chang, Feature editor

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