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False eyelashes like a faiiiry

Sophomore Jade Zamarripa shows off her collection of false eyelashes available from her business, @faiiirylashes.

You’re looking everywhere, in beauty stores and online websites, yet you can’t find any affordable fake eyelashes. Exhausted, you decide to scroll on Instagram and come across @faiiirylashes, sophomore Jade Zamarripa’s false eyelash business.

Zamarripa had this idea for a long time but never had the chance to make her own business since she was always busy with school. With the COVID-19 pandemic, she found that it was the perfect opportunity for her to start to save money for future expenses, like self-care and jewelry.

“I’ve always loved makeup and started getting back into being involved with makeup,” Zamarripa said. “[I] already started taking my driver’s classes. I need to be able to help [my parents] save up money for a car so I can get around and [continue what I love]. And just for other self expenses.”

Zamarripa is “buying [lashes] from a wholesaler” which has many different styles, each individually named by herself. Currently, the most popular lashes are Flora, Pixie, and Rosetta. Zamarripa was always into spiritual and hippie things and was inspired by that and chose the theme, “fairy.”

Zamarripa tries to make the prices affordable for high school students who don’t have a lot of money; the prices of her products are all under $15. She mainly promotes her business through Instagram with the help of her friends.

“It’s so hard to find really good quality lashes without overspending,” Zamarripa said. “I [could’ve made] five pairs of eyelashes for around 40 bucks or more. It’s a lot of time so [self-made] lashes would be more expensive to sell but nothing more than $15 each. I see brands charging $15-30 and I, as most people, don’t have all the money for that.”

Even though Zamarippa buys and resells the lashes, she is learning how to make her own lashes. Lashes are individually placed on a strip using tweezers, a type of adhesive glue and scissors. Zamarripa is currently learning from YouTube tutorials how to make her own fake eyelashes.

“I wanted to make something affordable to cater to people while still allowing everything to be affordable,” Zamarripa said. “I don’t make lashes right now— it’s more expensive.”

Zamarripa packages her orders by hand. She packages her orders to correlate with the theme, “fairy.” Zamarripa intends to make the overall look aesthetic while working with the color pink.

“When I package orders, I use pink bubble mailers,” Zamarripa said. “I include their lashes [in the order] along with pink filler plus candies and [I] include a free lipgloss and free spoolies to keep [customers’] lashes looking brand new. For lash packaging, [they’re] just in little boxes. One is a long glitter box and [the other] is an iridescent butterfly box.”

Zamarippa loves interacting with her customers and her customers love wearing her lashes.

“I’ve always loved doing things for others so just packaging orders and hearing that people are excited to receive their lashes really boosts my happiness,” Zamarripa said. “If someone has ordered from me and hasn’t received their order, I would look into the shipping and everything and see what the problem was, or figure out what had happened. If I was in the wrong, I would refund their order or resend them the products they ordered depending on what they would prefer. I want to keep really good customer service with my customers so they always have a good experience and keep coming back.”

By Katelyn Lu, Photographer
Photo courtesy of Jade Zamarripa