Herbert Wang’s do-it-yourself camera lens

Freshman Herbert Wang does not need an expensive camera to take high-quality pictures. All he needs are two magnifying glasses, a toilet paper roll and his imagination.

“When I saw the pictures that I took, I was thinking to myself that there was no way that I could have took such photos,” Wang said. “There were a few people jealous of me being able to take such a photo and accused me of faking it and stealing a picture online, so I was thinking that haters are going to hate and ignored them. They told me to show the setup to them, and I did, which made them [stop].”

After seeing some close-up shots of insects online, Wang felt inspired to try photography for himself. He built a homemade camera lens from scratch, composed of an inch-wide toilet paper roll with two magnifying lenses taped on either end. After securing the lens onto his phone with tape, Wang was ready to take his first picture.

“The first thing that I did after I saw the [first] photo was [stare] at it and [let] it sink into me,” Wang said. “I was shocked to see that such an ordinary person like me could take that kind of photo.”

By Haixin Guo, Staff writer

Photos courtesy of Herbert Wang