Inspiring Others to Get Moving

“Hey guys! Today, let’s get moving!” 

Inspired by the initiative to stay active during quarantine, seniors Dustin Shim, Ethan Martinez, Christopher Phillips, Kenny Song and Jasdeep Sandhu synchronously recite this phrase before each of their fitness and motivational videos.They decided to take working out to the next level by creating an Instagram account, @getmovingint, that shares daily workouts for followers to complete and stay fit. 

The idea process began in October 2019 when Martinez, Shim and Phillips were inspired to start a project that would help younger children get into fitness. In May 2020, they gathered two more friends -Song and Sandhu— to form a plan on how to complete the project. Afterwards, they decided to switch the focus from younger kids to the general public.

“We started Get Moving initially to get kids more motivated to get fit. However, with quarantine, our motive went to getting everyone moving during their time off,” Shim said. “We post frequently to try and get people to get outside and workout.”

Prior to creating the account, all members had different ways and methods of staying fit; they were all in individual sports that helped them understand which workouts to do and which areas in the body to focus on. Knowing that each member had different skills, they decided to come together to share their interest and knowledge to diversify their workout routines.

“We felt the impact of the pandemic ruining our sports seasons and motivation to do anything. This project allowed us to keep ourselves active and healthy. But we also wanted to inspire others to do the same,” Martinez said. “Our inspiration was knowing that we could help others get through the pandemic in terms of fitness and health.”

Every 3 days, a video will be posted featuring at least one of the five members explaining the importance of the workout and guiding the viewer on how to complete the exercise properly. The short videos consist of information that are fun and easy to follow along; while some exercises are easier, others require more strenuous work. 

“I taught a leg workout last time. It includes several sets of strength workouts that help build leg muscle. I felt tired but happy that I’m sharing it,” Song said.

During mid-July and August, they held the Get Moving Olympics, a five episode series which featured all of the members playing a variety of sports including ultimate frisbee, spikeball, catch, basketball and penalty shootout. In each video that they created for the Get Moving Olympics, they explained how the sport works, how to win and tips to improve. 

“We all know that the 2020 Olympics were cancelled due to the pandemic and we wanted to portray a fun aspect to being active. Being active does not only mean to constantly work out, but you can also be active by just going outside and playing games with family or friends,” said Martinez. “We wanted to incorporate a competitive aspect to fitness that can encourage other people and their families to do the same.”

In order to motivate followers to stay active and keep up with the daily workout posts, the members gave away sports balls to their followers. 

“We know that many people probably did not get to go to stores during quarantine and we were able to. Doing giveaways was our form of interaction with our audience and we thought it would be kind to give back and allow people to use exercise and sporting equipment,” Martinez said. “It doesn’t matter your level or physique in regards to living a healthy lifestyle. The motivation and journey it takes to get moving can really help with mental and physical health through social distancing and quarantine.”

By Samuel Au, Feature Editor
Photo courtesy of Ethan Martinez