Joseph Shen

Investing it all in

“It does not matter how much you invest, you just have to be willing to lose it all.”

This is the motto that junior Joseph Shen follows when investing in a multitude of companies on the stock market. He buys stocks, sells and trades them with others online to make a profit. Some of the companies that he has shares in are Twitter, Facebook, Matchgroup, Twilio, Cloudfair, Godaddy, Salesforce, Doctorsign, Neon, Fastly and Slack. He believes that with each company that he invests in they will have a positive increase in value and will do better over time even though it might be at a negative value. 

Shen got interested in stocks when he learned about basic information about stocks from junior Philbert Loekman. He later began watching YouTube videos and reading about stocks online. After learning about what stocks were, he began a simple paper account in 2018. The paper account allowed Shen  to trade and invest fake money without having to lose any real money. This experience taught him how to invest patiently and save money. After a year of learning, he decided to begin investing money in the real stock market. 

“In March, the market really crashed so I first saw real opportunities to invest in hard hit stocks by the coronavirus,” Shen said. “Later, I found out that these stocks don’t grow within a short time so I didn’t want my money to just sit there with nothing to do. I started to trade and learn new strategies that would help me on the market.”

Through his experiences, Shen learned to plan his choices on the market before making them to ensure maximum efficiency. He analyzes all previous financial decisions made by the company, their current value, how much they have grown and whether he believes that the company has any more potential growth by watching the trendlines. 

“Watching the stock market gives me something to do since I do not play games and I do not want to study all day,” Shen said. “Taking out 30 minutes to an hour a day looking at charts is a way for me to have fun.” 

Shen draws inspiration from his dad who he discusses the stock market with. During conversations at dinner or in the car, they talk about which company has the largest potential value, companies to stay away from and how current events may affect decisions that are being made. He also discusses information with a Wall Street investor about information on the stock market and his opinions on how his decisions can be affected. 

“I really just ask my dad for advice and most of the time he is really glad to be helping me out and supporting my decisions. He knows quite a bit of stuff so we often discuss everything in general from how the market is doing to what he believes,” Shen said. “Other times I may consult a guy that works on Wall Street for his opinion because when i am panicking from a bad investment he will help me out.”

In his junior year, Shen co founded the New York Stock Exchange club with junior Syed Ibrahim. During club meetings he discusses the stock market with others that are interested, certain terms that are being used, what he views as the most profitable options and how to invest properly. The club currently has over 30 active members that attend meetings.

“I started this club as a way for me to teach others my interest in the stock market and everything that goes on,” Shen said. “During meetings I can show others my passion and can inform them on how the market is doing. Sometimes I will send messages into our group chat to inform them of how my stocks are going and so that they can follow and learn.”

Shen does not see investing as a possible career option for him and doesn’t plan on studying it in college. 

“ I am trying to pursue a career in engineering instead of following the stock market,” Shen said. “In the future I would like to create something as an engineer that can help more people, but I would like to continue trading as a fun hobby.”

By Samuel Au, Feature editor
Photo courtesy of Joseph Shen