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Off the side of the library, there’s a small room with towering shelves, a distinctly bookish smell and thousands of textbooks — actually thousands. On average, the 17,000 textbooks that are in circulation each year eventually find their home in the textbook room, passed through the hands of Cathy Lobretto, the textbook clerk.

Though Lobretto worked in Diamond Bar High School for five years, she transferred to Walnut High School on Aug. 1, 2012 and started to work on organizing the classification system.

“Well, [when] I came here I was told to make it my own, and I think it’s definitely now at this point, since I’ve become more organized,” Lobretto said. “The novels were all thrown in boxes, and they were in the back between the shelving, so you literally had to turn sideways to walk down. The organization came in, first of all, [and] by doing that, I felt like I could keep track of my inventory better, you knew how many books you had because back there, it was such a mess.”

To organize the novels, Lobretto barcoded and alphabetized all the books and stored them on the shelves in the front of the textbook room. The textbooks, categorized by subject, were moved to the back room.

“My proudest moment is after I got it all organized in here. Any teacher could walk in, and I would hear, ‘I can’t believe there’s a floor in here’ or ‘I can’t believe how it looks now compared to how it did before,’” Lobretto said. “That makes me proud because it makes it easier for teachers to walk in and see where things are too. I’m very glad that I can leave my successor with an organized place, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

As one of her last feats before retirement, Lobretto designed a guide that connects textbooks to their respective classes to better help volunteers find them during textbook distribution.

“I’ll miss the people and the students. I’ve liked getting to know different students and talking with different students, and I’ve always been amazed at how many students here are so focused.

By Haixin Guo, Copy lead

Photo by Jessie Dixon

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