Light at her fingertips

Q: What is gloving?
A: “It’s a type of dance you do with your hands, and there are lights on the tips of your fingers. My friend Tyler is sponsored by Emazing Lights, which is the most popular company that sells those.”

Q: What made you decide to go into gloving?
A: “I saw finger tutting first on an ad on Youtube and I thought that was really cool, and then one of the recommended was a gloving video, and I got interested. I got my first gloves in seventh grade, but I didn’t really get into it until the end of eighth grade. I try to practice the most I can, but I’m busy because of band and school.”

Q: So you use #teamc0mp on Instagram when you post gloving videos. What does that mean?
A: “#teamc0mp stands for Team C0mpass, so basically it’s a group that my friend from Texas created. We all glove, and we meet up every year at IGC, which stands for International Gloving Championship. The people in our team are all around the United States and Canada.”

Q: How was seeing your team in real life for the first time like?
A: “It was really cool. One of them looked really tall when we video chatted, but he was actually short. It was fun too because I never got to see a light show before and they were the first people to show me.”

Q: What do you think is special about being in Team C0mpass?
A: “We used to Oovoo to expand on our moves, and they help me improve. We’re just really close; we’re like a family so we can talk about other things too, like our personal lives.”

Q: You also use #girlswhoglove, what does that mean?
A: “There’s a Facebook and Instagram page that are run by two of the most famous girl glovers. Basically you just put the hashtag, and then sometimes they’ll repost your posts. People see my posts on their explore page or on the hashtag, and my team can see if I’m practicing and improving.”

Q: So overall, what’s the most unique part about gloving?
A: “It’s different and really interesting to me. No one else does it. It’s something you’ve never seen before, and when you get to see a light show, you won’t experience anything else like it.”

By Nicole Chiang, Staff writer