Matthew Moreno

Overcoming the Spartan Race

Scaling slippery slopes, traveling through knee-deep mud and carrying heavy objects.

Although these activities sound like something straight out of an adventure film, junior Matthew Moreno endured many of these obstacles when he participated in the Spartan Race on Sunday, Jan. 27.

Founded by Joe De Sena in 2010, the Spartan Race is a three mile race composed of a series of obstacles intended to test one’s physical strength and mental fortitude. Since its first race in 2010, the Spartan Race is franchised in 30 countries, including South Korea, Australia, Canada, the United States and several European countries.

“When I first heard about [the race], it sounded like a really cool opportunity, and I was really down to do it,” Moreno said. “I liked the idea of being able to test my mental and physical abilities by going through all the different obstacles.”

Moreno first heard of the race in November 2018 after his girlfriend’s aunt suggested it to him. He decided to partake in it alongside his girlfriend, her family and 15 of their gym friends. Moreno did not specifically train for this event, although playing soccer and running helped him keep in shape before the race.

“None of the obstacles were too difficult for me, but going through the mud was really gross. At one point I had to go underneath the mud, and when I came out, the mud was in my ears and eyes,” Moreno said. “Throughout the race, I was more focused on helping other people get over certain obstacles. Some of the people I was with were struggling, so I was more focused on helping them get over by lending a helping hand.”

At the beginning of the race, participants have to jump or climb over walls ranging from four to seven feet. Then, they run through knee-deep mud piles, scale over muddy walls with rope, climb across monkey bars and travel certain distances while carrying sandbags across their shoulders. At the end of the race, Moreno had endured over 20 obstacles.

“When I actually finished, I felt accomplished. I had a lot of fun throughout, and it was a good experience,” Moreno said. “I never really realized how many obstacles we went through because we were having so much fun throughout the race. It was like a journey all the way through, and I just felt really happy when I finished.”

By Angela Naseri, Sports editor 
Photo courtesy of Matthew Moreno