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Q&A: Making music to enjoy with friends

Senior Taha Mustapha has been uploading music on SoundCloud, a music and podcast streaming platform, for the past four years. Mustapha is able to share his talent of making music with friends and people on the Internet by posting his music.


Q: What inspired you to start posting music on SoundCloud?

A: It was for fun whenever I had free time. When I do have the time, I make music and most of it is jokes between me and my friends. I’ve posted music on SoundCloud for a while now. I have a new account that I made and have been posting on it for two years, but overall I’ve been posting for about four years. Since SoundCloud was a free app, it was very easy for me to post my music and express myself while doing it. I make all kinds of music that ranges from hip hop to house.


Q: What is your process for making music?

A: It’s really long and time-consuming because it requires recording my audio with the microphone, editing the voice separately and then putting it with the beat. Personally, it takes me a long time because if I record something and I don’t like it, the next day I try again. I keep trying as long as want until I get the final product. It takes me a couple of days to finish one song. I mostly think of ideas for my songs randomly, so I just make the songs whenever I want.


Q: What is your motivation to make music?

A: My friends enjoy my music and some of them are interested in joining me and doing a collaboration, so I’m looking forward to that. I feel proud of myself when I finish because when I see my friends react to something I made, it’s cool. Every other artist makes music for real, while I mess around and do the best I can. I honestly just do this for fun, but I’m not focusing on trying to become a musician in the future. First I wanna see where this takes me.

Compiled by Alison Ho, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Taha Mustapha