new heights

Reaching New Heights

New Heights. New year. New goals. The sky is never the limit for Interact and Key Club members who aim to incorporate this concept into their second annual InterKey charity dinner  held on Wednesday, Nov. 25 at the Diamond Bar Center.

Weeks of prior preparation were integral parts of the planning process. The first step was recruiting members from both cabinets to form specific categories of about five to eight people in each committee: agenda, performance, venue, decorations, catering and publicity.

The committees then proceeded to carry out their plans. Each performance and agenda member found two performers for the student-run entertainment and collectively put together a general agenda for the night. The venue and decorations team found a reasonably priced location and prepared the thematic adornments. And while the catering committee arranged the Indonesian cuisine, the publicity group had all the members change their Facebook profile pictures with either an overlay or one of the three flyers designed by Interact president senior Jonathan Yang. Working as a team, the two clubs hope to exceed last year’s dinner funds by raising at least $1,000.

“For me it’s really about improving yourself and finding a better you, [and] always pushing yourself to achieve more than you started with. We don’t want our crowd to just be sitting there and watching. We want them to experience something they didn’t last year, [and] make sure that they know that what they’re doing is for a great cause to charities,” Key president senior Sean Aquino said.  

But before beginning the project, the clubs had to solidify a theme for the night. Unlike the previous year’s Light the Night, this year’s New Heights will have more of a playful and airy feel to it, using washed out colors to convey a light ambiance. The charity dinner will also feature the theme-based D.I.Y. decorations such as balloons, clouds, planes and boarding pass programs to add to the setting. But beneath the eye-level aesthetics lies an underlying message.

“It’s New Heights, and so we’re just trying to reach new levels with this charity dinner and trying to reach out to important causes that uplift people in third world countries that really need our help,” Interact vice president junior Sarah Kim said. “So with [the theme], we’re trying to symbolize how we’re trying to do even more and be more successful in our acts of community service.”

The dinner helps support notable causes such as Key’s Project Eliminate and Interact’s International Project: Solar-Aid. While Key’s preferred charity focuses on eradicating maternal and neonatal tetanus, Interact’s main funding provides solar lights to third-world countries. In addition to raising money, the event also brings other club members together through service and a common goal, inviting chapters from all across the state.

“Coming together and bonding at this one charity dinner [is what] I find so fantastic because we can just get a common medium for all of us to just communicate and interact with each other,” Interact vice president senior Catherine Yong said.

Additionally, Interact and Key Club members hope to use this charity dinner to integrate the theme of exceeding expectations into their annual club focus.

“[Often] times we tend to think [community service] can be very routine and obligatory,” Kim said. “But I hope that people will learn that it’s also a lot about having fun and learning about each other while serving for a greater purpose.”

By Angela Cao, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Yang