Riding the snow

From Lake Tahoe to Tokyo, sophomore Ethan Wang snowboards in different parts of the world to pursue his passion.

Wang began skiing when he was three years old and began to practice snowboarding when he was nine ever since he was introduced the sport.

“I already had developed coordination and balance along with a good feel for snowsports. I wasn’t nervous about the idea of snowsports, so I only had to focus on learning how to turn and stop. The mentality of sliding across the snow translated over, and instead of panicking at gliding through snow at high speeds, it felt normal,” Wang said.

Wang has traveled to resorts in Japan, Lake Tahoe, Utah and Colorado to snowboard. Snowboarding serves as a way to alleviate stress and unwind from life.

“Snowboarding in other places tend to bring an even more relaxed mind, as there are less people so I can focus on progressing rather than preserving my image in front of others,” Wang said. “I always focus on just snowboarding and don’t let the other aspects of life distract me.”

What Wang loves most about snowboarding is the countless amount of tricks and moves that accompany the sport. Wang’s desire to expand his knowledge on techniques continues to motivate him.

“I just get really excited for any potential tricks that I may be able to try out while I’m out. When I’ve accomplished a trick, I feel like a burden has been released, as I tend to beat down on myself when I’m trying to learn a trick but haven’t accomplished it,” Wang said. “There’s so many tricks to learn, and I don’t feel satisfied with what I know.”

Wang also plays basketball and golf but chose to focus on snowboarding, as it provides him with a sense of individuality since the sport is so uncommon in Southern California.

“Not many people in this area snowboard, so I like to use it as the thing that sets me apart from others and makes me unique,” Wang said. “I like the separation from the other sports [and the] sense of identity.”

By Sherman Wu, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Ethan Wang