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Scouting for cookies

Girl Scouts are selling Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs and other cookies until Sunday, March 11. Selling cookies is traditional for Girl Scouts to generate funds for charity.

Jacob Khuu: What do you think about selling the Girl Scout cookies?

Erika Ledesma:  I think it really helps girls help build confidence and life skills they can use in the future. Business is going to be a major part in people’s lives, and I think that it’s going to help us in particular for that kind of situation.

Khuu: What do you plan to do with it with the money you earn from the cookies?

Erika: My troop is planning to donate most of the money to charity, so they can support a certain cause.

Khuu: What are the benefits from selling the cookies?

Erika: There are a few rewards; if you sell a certain amount of cookies, there are prizes that you can earn. You can gain badges for participation; badges that you can put on your vest, kind of like a token you earned. Most of my troop participates in selling cookies.

Jacob Khuu: How does it feel going up to people to sell cookies?

Elyssa Ledesma: I’ve been selling Girl Scout cookies for a while, and I believe that I have quite a bit of confidence when asking people if they want to purchase cookies or not and sometimes people come up to me and ask if they can buy it.

Khuu: What is your main strategy for selling these cookies?

Elyssa: First, bring the cookies to school to make people know that you are selling. You can also set up booths outside of stores, which are convenient because there are customers that leave the shop and see the booth.

Khuu: Which location do you think would attract more customers?

Elyssa:  I think selling the cookies at the store are a better way because there are quite a bit more customers directly flowing out. Senior citizens tend to be our customer range.


Vivian Lee: Why are Girl Scouts selling Girl Scout cookies?

Madison Chow: We sell Girl Scout cookies and we get a little of the money from each box and we use that money. Last year, we used the money to help the homeless. We can use the money to buy things for the needy.

Lee: How do you sell cookies?

Chow: We work around two hours outside of stores and sell at school. It’s once a year and we sell for about a month.

Lee: Why do you like to be in Girl Scouts?

Chow: Selling cookies lets me talk to people I normally don’t talk to. I like Girl Scouts because I do stuff I normally wouldn’t do on my own, and I get more volunteer hours.

Compiled by Jacob Khuu and Vivian Lee, Staff writer and Coverage lead
Photo by Sherlene Su

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