Shooting straight

Steady, aim and shoot. Freshmen twins Amanda and Lauren Ghibaudo share their love of archery with their family.

Amanda and Lauren began archery in early fall last year and shoot targets at Oranco Bowmen Archery Range Club in Chino on the weekends.

“My whole family has taken up archery. It is an enjoyable experience that excites my whole family. We love how it brings us all together,” Amanda said.

Their parents were initially intrigued by the sport and introduced it to Amanda and Lauren. They started archery together. To the Ghibaudo family, archery is not a competition or a sport, but a passion.

“I do archery more for the joy of shooting targets and the friendly competition within my own family rather than participating in tournaments, but I have done two shoots. I don’t want to have the pressure of competing to win and forget to have fun,” Amanda said.

“When we go do archery, we go with our family and it’s not really a competition,” Lauren said. “You don’t really feel anything [when you shoot]. You just do it.”

They find archery to be therapeutic and relaxing as they enjoy the simplicity of the scenery at the range, which helps them unwind.

“It is kind of a stress reliever because the place we go to has a lot of trees so it’s very comforting to just clear your mind,” Lauren said.

Through shooting together and going to ranges weekly, Amanda and Lauren bond with each other as well as with the rest of their family. Lauren plays soccer and volleyball and Amanda does cross country, but archery is something they both do together.

“Amanda and I do a lot of sports,” Lauren said. “We actually try to get our friends out there and other family–like our aunt and uncle and grandma and grandpa–to try doing it so it’s more of a family activity.”

Not only does archery provide an opportunity to bond with their family, but it also teaches the Ghibaudo sisters valuable lessons.

“There is great sense of accomplishment when I hit a bullseye on the target. In order to accurately hit the target, I have to steady my bow, so, in doing so, archery enhances my focus and allows me to practice patience,” Amanda said. “Skill will come with practice, and making adjustments to my bow and shooting technique will improve my aim as well.”

By Sherman Wu, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Amanda Ghibaudo 

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