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Singing her heart out

2,700,900 views. 23,000 subscribers. One voice. Senior Euria Sin exploded into the music scene two years ago with her YouTube channel.

Her YouTube channel, Or3o, launched during her sophomore year. Sin’s friend introduced her to the song “Unravel” from the anime series,“Tokyo Ghoul,” which became her first cover.

Sin’s subscribers have suggested her anime and game opening songs to cover, ranging from Sword Art Online to No Game No Life which has expanded her appreciation for different genres of music.

“Through all of this, I have discovered more amazing music. I have become more open minded on all the different types of music that I used to not like,” Sin said. “When I was younger, I used to hate rock and metal but that has inspired me [because] their performances are energetic. Listening to them and different artists more than once made me realize how you can’t judge one whole genre from one song.”

Sin uses singing as a form of self expression and draws inspiration from various bands and artists including One Ok Rock, Ariana Grande and So Hyang.

“I like music that not only sounds good but has a good meaning. I express myself [when] I make lyrics, and I like to put emotion into it depending on the lyrics even if it may alter the pitch,” Sin said.

The feedback from her viewers provides Sin the motivation to continue her YouTube platform. One moment where her viewers have impacted her was when she became sick. She read the comments on her videos which prompted her to recuperate faster to make more videos.

“I didn’t think my singing was good, but hearing what other people said gave me confidence. I’m a perfectionist, so I’m very critical about myself. Every time I have a bad day, I read the comments and they’re really nice and it makes my day,” Sin said.

Her videos generally take three hours for Sin to memorize the lyrics. She records the main parts of the song first and then records the harmonies afterwards.

“Compared to school, I’m always tired when I’m waking up early but I could literally spend three all nighters working on music and I can feel totally fine. It can be frustrating sometimes because I get the lyrics wrong all the time but the final result is worth it and satisfying,” Sin said.

Sin’s YouTube channel has allowed her to meet her future collaborators and friends who share similar interests. Through her relationship with them, she has grown more interactive on the Internet.

“In this school, I don’t know a lot of people who have the same passions and music interests as me,” Sin said. “Meeting those people made me feel confident in expressing what I like and not being so shy about it. Talking to them helped me realize that people from the Internet aren’t so mean.”

Focusing more time into her channel, Sin plans to post a video every week as she used to post a video every few months. Additionally, she aims to create a band and is currently looking for members who are interested to join.

“I’m making time, and I realized that even though I’m more busy than before, there is always time. I’m trying to make a band because it’ll be really fun, and my inspiration for music was from a band,” Sin said. “I want to try performing in front of an audience which is something that I highly struggle with. Performing with other people might help me face those fears and the more I do it, I’ll become more social.”

By Sherman Wu, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Euria Sin