Standing out for the senior panorama


“We couldn’t figure out what to match with. We thought of shirts, but that was too common. We decided to do headbands, like those athletic headbands, but my friend went to Michaels and found these [bandanas],” senior Hannah Dang said.

IMG_8787“It’s our last year together as a senior class in dance team, so we wanted to stand out. So when we refer back to the panorama, we will remember the bond and memories we had together,” senior Catherine Yong said.

IMG_8789“We’ve been together and played together for four years, so we thought it would be a nice way to remember each other and high school. These jerseys really stand out, and we all share it so we just thought it was meant to be, I guess. We feel united and it’s cool to know I can always look back and see all my friends standing out together,” senior Robby Rendon said.

IMG_8807“We were sitting at our tables, and we were thinking and coming up with ideas on what to wear. Because we couldn’t wear shirts with words on them, we were like, ‘Why don’t we wear tiaras? They’re girly, cute, and unique.’ We chose tiaras to express our confidence and show we’re unique. It’s different and not a lot of people do it,” senior Melody Wen said.

“Originally, we were going to do Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, but they didn’t have enough shirts, so we decided just to throw on some Hooters shirts. We thought of the worst idea, and then made it come true. We just wanted something funny that we could look back on,” senior Sebastian Sehwani said.

By Julie Lee, Staff writer

Photos by Jeffrey Tran