stella wu

Stella-r art wins TV station award

Freshman Stella Wu submitted this piece to the ICITI News Children’s Drawing Contest, inspired by the acts of kindness she saw during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To freshman Stella Wu, a picture’s always been worth a thousand words. With only two colors, dedication and a grateful message, Wu managed to create an award-winning sketch that expressed herself in a way that no words ever could. 

Wu’s untitled sketch of hands intertwined with red ribbons and heart-shaped candles was created as an entry for the i CiTi News Children’s Drawing Contest under the theme “My City My Hero,” intended to honor frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It won an award in the creativity category.

“The way the hearts and ropes tie together shows a warmer reality that I want to give to people so they can have more energy to get through quarantine,” Wu said. “People are working together to help us out through hands and hearts. We’re like a whole community helping each other out to get through all the problems [of] quarantine together.”

After Wu’s mother first told her of this competition, Wu drew inspiration from her family and the kindness people exhibited to strangers during the pandemic.

“I watch CNN 10 a lot, and sometimes I see people helping out homeless people or people in bad conditions,” Wu said. “Me and my family and cousins are [also] supporting each other during quarantine and we help each other out, so reality and my family all inspired me.”

Though it was created for a competition, Wu wanted her art to reflect the thankfulness she felt for essential workers. Personally, it’s also a way for Wu to remember her own experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I’m not really good at expressing myself through speaking, so I draw to express myself more,” Wu said. “I wanted to join this contest because COVID is a special time that I’ll probably think about many years later. I [also] see this as a way of supporting the community [since] they, like the doctors who are saving injuries, are having a hard time.”

By Cathy Li, Feature editor
Photos courtesy of Stella Wu