Teaching the rhythm

From performing with Korean Club at school to teaching Korean Pop (KPOP) dance to younger kids at IDance and Fitness in Diamond Bar, dancing every day is normal for senior Chiara Lindsay.

At the age of four, Lindsay’s parents introduced her to dance by enrolling her in salsa lessons, and after she began trying different variations of dance such as ballet, salsa, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and tap.

“Having a dance background helps when I teach kids KPOP dance. Most of it is recreational, especially KPOP, because learning it is super fun and challenging. Dancing is kind of a big part of my life, and being able to connect that with KPOP opened me up to the community,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay teaches elementary school kids at IDance and Fitness on Thursdays after school from 4-5 p.m. Lindsay teaches KPOP routines to them, which she learns from watching different KPOP groups. Her KPOP Instagram (@Lindscovers) gives her inspiration to try variations of routines by watching individuals perform.

“[Teaching dance] has taught me [to have] a lot of patience. It takes patience and time to cooperate with students and get to know them and their style. I like teaching because it’s never something I can expect. It’s always something different with [the kids], something very exciting,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay’s current class consists of three girls and two boys. At the start of her classes, one of Lindsay’s students would enter with a hood on, sit on the ground and not participate. He was separated from the group and did not do anything. Later he began to talk more and join in on the dances.

“It’s crazy because that kid in my class, he went from not talking to socializing and enjoying the class. It’s exciting to see that development of a kid who is kind of coming out of his shell, and I love that he is actually showing his passion. It’s satisfying for me to see that I was able to help that development and help him grow not only as a person but as a dancer. I know that [the dance] environment can be super intimidating at times, but having a place where you’re having fun and growing as a person is really great,” Lindsay said.

In April, Lindsay will be teaching ballet classes to children ranging from three to five years old at Eastvale Academy. She is currently learning how to teach different types of dancing by assisting dance teachers at different classes. Dance has become Lindsay’s passion and hobby and she hopes to continue to teach in the future to inspire students to love dance as much as she does.

“For me, I was lucky enough to have teachers and friends who are incredibly passionate about dance and that is why I’ve stuck with dance for so long,” Lindsay said. “When you see other people who have the same interest as you, you are able to hear feedback that can be beneficial. I hope to be someone my students will look up to.

By Lauren Fue, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Chiara Lindsay