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Teaching the teachers

During school hours, he wastes no time teaching his students complex math concepts. But outside of class, math teacher Kevin Wendland spends long hours adding to his technology blog and pondering new blogging ideas.

Wendland noticed that teachers were struggling to utilize chromebooks classrooms when they were first implemented at Walnut High School in 2015. With this in mind, he decided to start a blog dedicated to educating teachers about how to productively use new technology.

“I wrote about [the chromebooks] because I felt that teachers should use the same operating systems as students and using them in classrooms [are] effective for teachers,” Wendland said. “This is almost like an online diary for me and more of a study guide and advice for teachers if they encounter something new.”

Wendland started his blog, “Chromebook Challenge,” using a free blog-publishing service called Blogger. During his first month of blogging, Wendland posted tips on purchasing and using Chrome Operating System devices. Eventually, his posts blossomed into a variety of tech reviews ranging from Acer Chromebooks to Asus Chromebook flips.

“I write toward [teachers] who are my age because they can view things the I way I view them. When I feel that there is something to be changed in the blog, I’ll sit down and keep adding to it and saving it because you never can finish it all in one sitting,” Wendland said.

A year after the blog’s launch, Wendland found his blog was gaining international attention. Teachers from the Philippines and Scotland reached out to him on social media. Because of its growing recognition, Chromebook Challenge was eventually nominated to EdTech’s Top 50 Information Technology Must Read K-12 Honor Roll.

“I post to Twitter and Google when I feel I have information to share with other people, and because of it, I’ve [gained] contact with lots of teachers around the world. It felt good to be recognized,” Wendland said.


By Jacob Khuu, Sports editor

Photo courtesy of Kevin Wendland