Will the real Young-Breezy please stand up?

“Finna take this rap scene by the bulls / hype man going airhorns / this that homemade DIY / Yeezy hit me up.”

Introducing their, believe it or not, long-term IB CAS project, seniors Joshua Kim and Henry Ao, also known as Young Breezy and DJ H-Mart, released their debut rap single, simply titled “Take One,” on Sunday, March 8. The humorous two minute and 49 second song is the duo’s first foray into the makeshift recording studio, courtesy of senior Bobbie Chen, and has garnered the two seniors some local acclaim.

“Our rap is comedic in a sense that it is a bit satiric of the new generation of rap that plagues the solid, firm grounding built up by Pac and Biggie,” Kim said. “I’m shouting out whack rappers; all these new kids trying to make it in this game, but talking about the same old things. Now, I’m not gonna name any names, but I’ll say Rae Sremmurd.  Again, I don’t like name-dropping and I try to avoid that, but yeah, Bobby Schmurda and 2 Chainz.”

Notoriously clever and outspoken, Kim has an ear for hip-hop and rap music and a penchant for freestyling with friends and classmates. Drawing inspiration from big name classics, such as Tupac Shakur, and newer age icons, such as Childish Gambino and Lil Dicky, Kim and Ao decided to infuse their required IB coursework with their own social commentary through hip-hop.

“I like rap music a lot. Poetry’s too serious,” Kim said. “I feel like [rap] goes harder. In general, you don’t really think of what songs are saying or the messages. When you rap, it’s all about expression. I’ve been trying that out for a while and sometimes you gotta run before you crawl, so I decided to make a song.”

That’s when Kim’s close friend Henry Ao, otherwise known as DJ H-Mart, came into play. Dabbling in audio mixing with Internet trials of DJ software, Ao created a complexly layered, instrumental canvas for Kim to run around with.

“I have this dream where I’m like Kanye West or J. Cole, but that’ll probably take some time. Kidding,” Ao said. “What I really wanted to do for a while was to make a background beat and since I knew Josh could rap really well, it just worked. For IB, we have a long-term project to do, so we decided this because we’re both close followers of hip-hop music and that culture.”

Prone to performing impromptu raps, Kim and his playful penchant for words progressed into a full-blown project of both musical and lyrical layering and editing. The project ended up spanning two weeks of back-and-forth progressions.

“We always joked about making a song, but we never fully committed.  Then, Henry started experimenting with [music sampling]. He started sending me raw samples. So, I started cutting out and putting in rhymes as I saw fit, molding it to the rhyme scheme and meter,” Kim said.

While the project may have been built upon a joke, Ao and Kim have already hashed out plans for their second track, which is currently in the works.

“It was definitely a fun experience and I’m looking forward to making new tracks and contributing to global warming with my hot bars,” Kim said.

Their debut song “Take One” and the accompanying instrumental “Your Take” can be found on Soundcloud under the name “ybtrax_prison_cell” because Kim is “dropping bars like a prison cell.”

By Katie Nguyen, Staff writer

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