A Calming walk through Amir’s Garden

Los Angeles, CA, 90027 | http://amirsgarden.org/directions.html

A labyrinth seems hard to come by these days, especially in an urban city, but anyone can get lost in Amir’s Garden. On top of a hill in Griffith’s Park, Amir began planting a total of 60 different species of flowers and trees including California Black Walnut Woodlands, Coastal Sage Scrubs and much more after a fire left the mountain scorched in 1971. After decades of hard work, this garden now attracts hikers and horseback riders as well as offering everyone shade, seats to rest and a beautiful view of Los Angeles. Varieties of flowers, insects and plants flourish in this garden making it diverse in comparison to the surrounding areas of vegetation. Although this destination is far, it provides visitors with beauty and serenity making it a worthy place to visit.


By Matthew Au, Staff writer
Photos and Video by Matthew Au

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