Academic Foundation visits Natural History Museum

The Academic Foundation (AF) program visited the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Wednesday, Jan. 30. AF follows a curriculum that focuses on three main subjects: world history, biology, and english. Students involved in AF hope to review this curriculum by attending a field trip to the museum at the University of Southern California (USC).

“I think [this] off-campus experience will help the students see the things that we’re talking about in class,” world history teacher Andrea Takahashi said. “It gives an extra element to the curriculum that we’re already teaching.”

Students in AF spent time in the museum learning new facts, such as the history of Los Angeles and the origin of dinosaurs. In addition, the students participated in a scavenger hunt to further explore the museum.

“The best part of the field trip was obviously having the chance to learn in the USC campus,” freshman Sarah Fathalla said. “It was also an amazing way to get to know my fellow classmates more.”

By Andrew Kim, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Andrea Takahashi