Administration holds student think tank

Walnut High School’s administration held a Student Think Tank Wednesday, March 13 in room H5.

Before the meeting, students were given flyers that describe Walnut’s academic program and its goals to improve its campus. They were also shown a model detailing the Walnut Valley Bond Measure, which allocated more than $25 million for Walnut High School’s renovations.

“It was interesting because a lot of important points about things we need to fix at our schools were brought up. This shows that our school is developing in a positive way since small groups of students could make such huge changes,” sophomore Cynthia Esquivel said. “The bond measure benefits us all in the future because it allows us to spend [funds] on solar power and [other renovations].”

During the meeting, Principal Brandon Dade reviewed each flyer and asked for student feedback. Dade used the budget model to further explain how Walnut plans on using the bond funds. By 2026, Walnut aims to add security cameras, renovate fences and roofs and build a new Physical Education Center, Media Center, Science and Tech building and athletic field facility.

“[The Student Think Tank] is a great opportunity to discuss problems and future improvements [in] our school. Everyone gets to participate and share what they’ve seen on campus,” sophomore Kenny Song said. “The administration is understanding, is willing to take our feedback and act upon it.”

By Jacob Khuu, Manager
Photo by Jessie Dixon