ADP inducts new officers

Academic Design Program (ADP) inducted new officers on Thursday, Aug. 31. The new officers were elected by ADP students the previous day.

ADP addresses the needs of students who may require a different approach to learning by offering smaller classroom environments and more hands-on work. This is the third ADP election to take place in the organization’s five years. The new president, vice president, recorder, treasurer and public relations officer are senior Georgia Garcia and juniors Mia Delacirna, Jacob Alquicira, R.J. Magee and Ariel Stubbs, respectively.

“I decided to run for ADP president because I really think ADP is a great program for students, and I want to help all the students enjoy it more. To me, ADP means family. It’s a support system of peers and teachers, ” Garcia said. “As president, I plan to make sure [ADP and the council] run more efficiently and keep everyone involved in ADP up to date with new happenings.”

The ADP Council is an assembly of students and teachers that organizes events and seeks to improve student experiences in the program. This year, the council plans to implement more fundraisers to generate resources to purchase new books and other materials for students. They hope to be more involved in the community through means such as raising money for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“We’ve gotten bigger. We’ve become better with our council. I think last year, we did a really good job where our council really kind of ran things in representing the students,” ADP Coordinator Jennifer Sorbara said. “We’ve gotten better with our coordination among the teachers and with the students. [I hope that the council] continues to grow in being self-supportive [while] taking initiative and representing the program and their needs.”

By Irene Zhou, News editor 
Photo by Sam Compolongo