virtual lab

Advanced Placement (AP) science classes adjust to online labs

Advanced Placement (AP) Biology, AP Chemistry and AP Physics have been participating in virtual labs. This differs from the usual hands on experience that students taking an AP science class experiences. 

Labs take place during the respective teacher’s usual lab time slot. The online labs can be found on various platforms such as and and are also made by teachers for their given subjects. Labs are periods of time to complete interactive activities relating to subjects taught in class and take place before or after school. 

“Doing labs online is definitely just a substitute but not a replacement,” AP Chemistry teacher Jeri Burnside said.  “Nothing can replace the manipulative skills that students learn from doing labs in-person and I really wish my students could get that experience.”

Students call in to their class’ respective online meeting site and are then allowed to turn off their camera and work on the lab. Students can ask questions in the meeting but are otherwise free to complete the online activity independently. While students usually work in groups in real life, they are now working on their own to complete the assignments. 

“I like to go up separately to ask questions by myself and if I don’t ask during class, I have to email the teacher when the meeting ends,” junior Lana Dalati said. “You don’t really get the same amount of information that you’re looking for because you’re not learning in the same way so you don’t really know what questions to ask.” 

By Bhalpriya Sandhu, Online editor-in-chief
Photo Courtesy of Lana Dalati